Our DiveMonster-In-Training

Meet Morgane!  The newest member of our dive staff here at Adventure Divers, she is taking part of the Divemaster training program and helping us all around in the office, as well as on the boat!   We are lucky to have her and in her words, here’s a bit about her dive background and how she’s enjoying her experience here with us so far…

“So, basically I started diving when I was 8 years old.  My club had a baby swimmers section, which you start at 6 months old.  My two older sisters and myself did that for a few years then “upgraded” to diving when we were old enough. My dad got into it as the same time my oldest sister did, so we’ve been diving as a family for years now.
My dad is a 4 stars instructor now so he’s the one who taught me most of what I know… I stopped diving for a few years when I went to university, and got back to it three years ago when I finished my masters. I started traveling soon after that, and I realized while diving in Malaysia that I could try and further my certifications to make it part of my traveling : working as a French teacher for the year, and as a Divemaster for the summer, while living abroad.
I’m enjoying Zihua so much. The people here are really welcoming, it’s easy to get to know the locals and there’s always people to hang out with, any day of the week.  Pako made me feel welcome straight away and introduced me to the people and the city. I’ve had a blast diving with him and the team, seeing some amazing stuff.
A highlight so far has been diving in the middle of a school of barracudas, seeing a manta ray, and especially seeing the bio luminescent plankton for the first time, as it’s been of dream of mine ever since I learned it existed…
The Divemaster program is awesome!  Pako is a great instructor. He’s very relaxed and good at making people feel at ease, and he’s patient and thorough when teaching. I’m learning a lot from watching him give the courses to people. I’m also learning some equipment repair from Lara, which is so useful and helps me understand in much more details how the equipment works!

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