Welcome to Ayotlcalli Turtle Camp

The Ayotlcalli turtle camp, located in Playa Blanca, just a few hundred meters from the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo international airport has worked tirelessly to save, monitor and recover the golfina and green turtle nests to ensure survival and protection of these endangered species.


Year round, the turtle camp receives volunteers from around the world who assist with recovering the nests and monitoring the eggs in different hatcheries set up at the camp.  Once the eggs reach maturity and the turtles hatch, they are released in the late afternoons by both volunteers and tourists who come to visit the camp.


The camp allows and encourages visitors who are interested to know about the different species of turtles on this part of the coast and to participate actively in the turtle release program.  The camp is run solely on donations, both private and public and visits from tourists help to keep the camp running.


Our shop has had the pleasure of taking volunteers from the camp on our snorkel tours to enjoy a day off from their dedicated work at the camp saving these beautiful creatures.  We would like to recognize their efforts in conversation and protection of the local ecology and encourage our divers, snorkelers and visitors to the area to make a trip to the camp to learn and participate to assist with this invaluable work.

You can find the Ayotlcalli camp on Facebook at the following address Ayotlcalli Turtle Camp

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